Patch 10.0.7

Patch 10.0.7
new mounts and mount models

Patch 10.0.7 introduces a new endgame zone: a higher level version of The Forbidden Reach. Also included are at least five new mounts: four in The Forbidden Reach and one from the updated Recruit-a-Friend program.

Note that the Mossy Mammoth, Ancient Salamanther, and Gooey Snailemental were originally missing from the database and hence weren't working, but they've now been hotfixed.

This patch also includes a gorgeous new bakar mount model (see below for images!), but unfortunately it hasn't yet been used in the game.

Battle Turtles

Trading Post - Bonus Reward


Our first ever bruffalon mount may be purchased from Storykeeper Ashekh in Morqut Village, The Forbidden Reach. While 100 000 Elemental Overflow seems daunting, it's actually much easier to obtain in this zone than in earlier content.

Storykeeper Ashekh in Morqut Village, The Forbidden Reach

Cloud Serpents

Magma Snails

You can create a striking blue snail mount by combining 50 Leftover Elemental Slime. This reagent drops in modest amounts from the final boss of Froststone Vault Primal Storm events in the Forbidden Reach. This event can be repeated multiple times a day.

Leftover Elemental Slime in The Forbidden Reach


A green-haired mammoth mount can be obtained from the Zskera Vaults in the Forbidden Reach. You have to progressively combine a number of items that can be obtained as you unlock more of the vaults.

Zskera Vaults

Rocket Shredders

The rewards for the Recruit-A-Friend program were changed with the release of 10.0.7, and include this new goblin shredder mount. The previous mount reward, the Explorer's Dunetrekker, has been retired.

Recruit-A-Friend - 6 months


A green salamanther mount, this time without gills or fins, has a low chance of dropping from rares (possibly any of them!) in the Forbidden Reach.

Various rare NPCs in the Forbidden Reach

New looks, but coming later, or release date uncertain

Bakars - Coming Later

A World Awoken

Inferno Armoredons - Coming Later

New looks that have not yet been implemented

Bakars - Unused Looks

Matching Companion Pets

Matching companions for new mounts

New matching companions for older mounts