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Patch 10.2.6: Plunderstorm
new mounts listed by source

Patch 10.2.6 is a smaller patch with a lot of new mounts! Most notably, there are nine new mounts from meta-achievements related to Dragonflight zones and quests, and a new one for Shadowlands(!). Three new mounts (including a new pirate parrot!) can be earned by playing Blizzard's new time-limited, WoW-adjacent game: Plunderstorm. Additionally, there are new mounts for PvP, Season 4 raid achievements, Mythic+, the Trading Post, and Noblegarden.

Dungeon Keystone & Challenge Modes

The striking Infinite Armoredon is the reward for attaining a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2000 during Dragonflight Season 4.

Miscellaneous Zone Activities

Remember all those Primal Storm events? This pink salamanther is awarded when you complete the achievement, Into the Storm, which is a meta-achievement for killing 200 element-imbued NPCs during each of the four types of Primal Storm event in each of the four main Dragon Isles zones (= 16 different events = 3200 NPCs total).

Quest Story Progression

New mounts have been added as rewards to a number of meta-achievements related to zone activities and factions in the Dragon Isles. The culmination of these is the achievement A World Awoken which awards the bestest of boys: Taivan. In addition, Zovaal's Soul Eater has been added to the Shadowlands achievement Back from the Beyond, with a new version of this achievement added for those who didn't complete the original Feat of Strength during the last expansion.

Raid Achievements

Trading Post

April's Trading Post introduces a handsome new battle turtle, and reintroduces the Dreadwake - a flying ship mount that was previously part of a Battle for Azeroth subscription promotion. In addition, the Amber Skitterfly has been flagged as a future Trading Post offering, but we don't know which month at this stage.

Trading Post
Trading Post
Trading Post
Trading Post

Standard Purchases

Jigglesworth Sr. has returned! This jelly cat was originally the reward for completing the achievement, 'Fates of the Shadowlands Raids'. In Season 4 it can be purchased for 3 Antique Bronze Bullion - a new currency that can be earned from 'Awakened' raids.

Mirioszin in The Parting Glass, Valdrakken


Plunderstorm is a new 'Battle Royale' style game that uses World of Warcraft assets and can be accessed from your WoW login screen. While you don't use your regular characters or abilities, the plunder you earn during the game translates into various cosmetic rewards for use in WoW - including 3 mounts at renown levels 10, 20, and 39. During the game match (which lasts only around 10-15 minutes) you collect as much plunder as you can by looting chests, killing players and NPCs, and completing the match quest. This plunder translates directly to renown with Keg Leg's Crew, earning you rewards at various ranks. See Wowhead's Guide for more information.

Keg Leg's Crew
Renown Rank 20
Keg Leg's Crew
Renown Rank 39
Keg Leg's Crew
Renown Rank 10

Vicious Mounts - Rated PvP

This pair of savage dreamtalons is the reward for rated PvP matches in Dragonflight Season 4.

Rated PvP - Dragonflight Season 4
Rated PvP - Dragonflight Season 4


A gorgeous violet-blue drake is the PvP Arena reward for Dragonflight Season 4. Recipients also receive the glyph, Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Draconic Gladiator so they can add its appearance to the customization options for their Highland Drake mount.

Dragonflight Season 4


This new Noblegarden-themed flying carpet is only available during the festival (for only one week: 1-8 April). It has a low chance to be contained in a Loot-Filled Basket, which is awarded from a daily quest that starts by killing the Noblegarden festival boss Daetan Swiftplume / Daetan Swiftplume in Elwynn Forest or Durotar, respectively. Look for the 4-pointed star on the zone map for the location. You can do this once per character per day.

New mount looks that have not yet been implemented

Pirate Parrots - Unused Looks

Matching Companion Pets

Matching companions for new mounts