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The Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch is now live!

Welcome to Battle for Azeroth! We're only aware of three new mounts that can be obtained at this stage, but please let us know if you find more!

Frostshard InfernalFrenzied Feltalon
Two new mounts are rewards for the next two tiers of mount collection achievements: the Frostshard Infernal for collecting 350, and the Frenzied Feltalon for collecting 400 mounts that are usable by any individual character on your account. In keeping with the rewards for earlier collection achievements, the new mounts are both are previously-unused colours of existing mount models. The Feltalon is particularly exciting, as it allows us to complete our collection of flametalon mounts.

Dawnforge Ram
The third is the Dawnforge Ram, which is a beautifully-detailed new mount for dwarf paladins! We don't yet know if there's a second tier of ram mounts coming for dwarf pallies, or whether they'll continue to receive a Charger (horse) for their level 40 mount.

Undercity PlaguebatTeldrassil Hippogryph
We expect at least two more mounts to become available through the advancement of the pre-expansion storyline: the race-themed Undercity Plaguebat (Horde) and Teldrassil Hippogryph (Alliance) are rewards for completing the pre-expansion quest chains. We don't yet know the time-frame for that, but these mounts may be several weeks away.

See below, for more mounts coming in Battle for Azeroth!

New Mounts(Battle for Azeroth Pre-Expansion Patch)

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Upcoming Mounts(Battle for Azeroth Launch)

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