Mounts in World of Warcraft: Legion

Elderhorns (Moose)

Like an evil counterpart to the Grove Warden, the Grove Defiler is the first raid meta-achievement reward for Legion:

This spectral elderhorn is obtained through Archaeology in the Broken Isles. Note that there should be mist effects on the above model but we can't get them to render correctly at the moment.

There are also four regular colours of elderhorn mount in the database, but so far only one is available (via Leatherworking).

Unassigned look, not yet used for a mount :


This Felsaber is awarded to all Demon Hunters early in the class starting zone. Note that there are fire effects that do not appear on the accompanying image.


Our first ever fox mount, obtained via a quest in Suramar. Only one colour so far, but hopefully more will come in future patches.


A cool, sleek new fish model, offered as a vendor item related to fishing. There's only one colour so far, but hopefully in the future we'll see more.


One of the more unique new ground mounts! This one is obtainable through activities in the Dalaran Underbelly.

Core Hounds

This fel version of the Core Hound mount is created via the Blacksmithing profession.


A new style of turtle mount that looks like it belongs with the Iron Horde.


A beautiful and creepy spider model with only one colour so far. It's sold by a sporadic vendor, the Mad Merchant, and costs two million gold!


There are six colours of unicorn-like Coursers, which have sickle-shaped horns. Some have been released as Prestige Honor (PvP) mounts. The rest are also allocated to this source but are not yet available.


A new type of Vicious horse, this one from Gilneas:

This Warsteed was created as a reward for the Prestige Honor system, and is a new colour of the older Vicious model. Its introduction was delayed.


These enslaved Legion monstrosities have been bound and forced to hunch over in order to serve as mounts. Two drop from Gul'dan in The Nighthold. One is the Mythic reward. We speculate that the other is a low-drop-rate loot item from other Gul'dan difficulties, but we're not sure. Another three are of uncertain status - some were earlier intended to be Arena season rewards for Legion but they've now been removed from the database and may or may not become available through another source.

Fathom Dwellers

From the depths of the ocean where ancient evils still lurk, this transporter of the Faceless is obtainable in one of its colours, as a reward from a World Quest. Unlocking the World Quest requires you to perform a long chain of events - see the Wowhead link on the mount page for more information.


This heavily-armoured elekk is the new Draenei Vicious mount:


The savage new Vicious mount from the Blood Elf faction:


The wicked new Goblin contribution to the Vicious mounts:


There are three new colours available for the newer of the two hippogryph mounts. Two are regular colours, including a bright blue/yellow and the other is an arcane purple. Only the purple is assigned so far, and is the reward for the Heroic Dungeon meta-achievement:

In addition, an older hippogryph mount has finally become available - the stunning pink-purple one. This is obtained by locating and clicking purple crystals in Azsuna withink a certain time period. See the Wowhead link on the mount page for more information.


The formidable new stormdrake comes in both armoured and non-armoured mount versions. Four colours of the armoured version are "Gladiator's" Arena Season rewards in Legion. By name, the remaining two colours would also be Arena Season mounts but that would indicate six seasons, which seems less likely.

The non-armoured model comes in four different colours. None have yet been allocated to official mounts. Note that there are some storm effects for this mount that are not visible on our images.

Unassigned look, not yet used for a mount :


At least one colour variant of the Sky Golem will be coming in Legion. This one is from a Toy Collection achievement.

Skeletal Steeds

There are five beautiful skeletal steeds using the "skeletalwarhorse2" model. One is a drop from the new Karazhan dungeon in Patch 7.1. The prevailing belief (unconfirmed) is that the remaining four are only intended as mounts for the new Four Horsemen NPCs. If so, they may sadly never be available to players, but we can hope:

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :

This skeletal warhorse is a new colour of the older Vicious model. In keeping with other black recolours of "Vicious" mounts, it is likely that this one will be obtained through the Prestige system, but this is currently speculation.

Unassigned look, not yet used for a mount :


None available.

This removed wolf was created as a reward for the Prestige Honor system, and is a new colour of the older Vicious model. Its introduction seems to have been delayed.

There are also three, beautiful new "autumn" colours for the Draenor wolf mount models. We're not sure what they'll be used for. There are armoured and non-armoured versions of each, resulting in six possible variants:

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :


None available. Felbats are actually creepy, gargoyle-like demons. There are three colours and two different armour variants, resulting is six possible combinations. But so far they've only been used for taxi mounts and not official mounts. By the file names, the spiked-armour version seems to have originally been intended for Demon Hunters, but that may have changed.

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :


These feathered and beaked raptors initially appeared in the Legion database but were then removed during the Beta test. It appears that they'll finally appear in Patch 7.1.

Felstalkers (speculation)

The red version of the felstalker mount, the Illidari Felstalker, is a Legion Collector's Edition reward. As the mount model shares the same skins as the non-mount felstalker, there are two other colours this mount could be: green and black. To our knowlege there are no plans to implement these, but they would look great!

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :

Runesabers (speculation)

Two new manasaber (runesaber) colours were added in Legion. While they're currently only used for wild beasts, the skins are actually identical in format to the Runesaber mount, meaning they could easily be used to make new colours for it. Though the saddle and effects colours would probably be adjusted to suit.

The following are unassigned looks, not yet used for mounts :

What else might we see? (SPECULATION)

  • There is a new icon named for a basilisk mount. So perhaps we'll see basilisk mounts added that use the new model. They may have to be modified to remove those painful spikes, however!
  • There was a new chicken mount listed in the database, which was created by the Enchanting profession. This seems to have been removed, but perhaps we'll yet see it. There was never a model assigned to it.
  • If the Prestige mount trend continues, we may expect to see new (probably black) versions of the Vicious ram, raptor, kodo, and mechanostrider mounts.