Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman's Mount

Be it into the flood, or into the fire, this one will go where you require.

Riding Requirements:

  • Level 20
  • Apprentice (75) Riding


  • Loot-Filled Pumpkin in Scarlet Monastery (Event Version).
  • Only available during Hallow's End


This mount can only be obtained during the 'Hallow's End' event in October. You must use the Dungeon Finder to access the event version of the dungeon.

Introduced in:

Patch 3.0

Travel Mode:

  • Ground (+60% or +100% speed)
  • Flying (+150%, +280% or +310% speed)
Speed depends on your riding skill.
Headless Horseman's Mount
Headless Horseman's Mount taught by The Horseman's Reins