Red Riding Nether Ray

Nether Rays are among the most trusted, versatile mounts in all of Outland and beyond.

Riding Requirements:

  • Level 70
  • Artisan (300) Riding


  • Grella in Blackwind Landing, Terokkar Forest. Requires Exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard.
  • Cost: 160 Gold (200 Gold base) (reputation discounts apply for some factions)


Note that since you must be Exalted to purchase this mount, you will automatically get the Exalted faction discount.

Introduced in:

Patch 2.1

Travel Mode:

  • Ground (+60% or +100% speed)
  • Flying (+150%, +280% or +310% speed)
Speed depends on your riding skill.
Red Riding Nether Ray

Matching Companion Pets:

Fledgling Nether Ray
Fledgling Nether Ray

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