YuYu'lei, Daughter of Jade

Warmth and wisdom emanate from this great creature, which glows like moonlight passing through the finest jade.

Riding Requirements:

  • Level 90
  • Artisan (300) Riding


  • Mistweaver Xia in Timeless Isle.
  • Cost: 5000 Timewarped Badges


The vendor that sells this mount is only present when the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event is active.

Introduced in:

Patch 7.1.5

Travel Mode:

  • Ground (+60% or +100% speed)
  • Flying (+150%, +280% or +310% speed)
Speed depends on your riding skill.
Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade

Matching Companion Pets:

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon

Other Mounts Using the Same Model:

Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade taught by Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent