World Event Mounts

World event mounts are only available during certain in-game world events that Blizzard has scheduled throughout the year. You can see a list of world events on the World of Warcraft Events Calendar.

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Level 1


Level 20

Level 40

Feast of Winter Veil

Level 40

Hallow's End

Level 20

Love is in the Air

Level 20


Level 20

Temporary Event Mounts

In addition to the mounts listed here, you may also see some other special mounts during world events. Unfortunately, these are not 'real' mounts and do not add to your mount collection.

Magic Brooms and Rickety Magic Brooms can be found during the Hallow's End event. You can ride these brooms like a mount, but both of them disappear from your inventory when the event is over.

During the Winter veil world event, you can obtain Fresh Holly and Preserved Holly, both of which will 'disguise' your normal mount as a reindeer.

Fresh Holly only works during the Winter Veil event and only until you dismount. Preserved Holly, on the other hand, is not limited to the event. In addition, Preserved Holly places an effect on your character for one hour, so that any mount you use during that hour will be disguised.