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Mount achievement rewards UPDATE: The Emerald Drake is now likely to be the reward for a drake collection achievement, according to this tweet by Jonathan LeCraft. He also recently announced the Felfire Hawk as the reward for the upcoming 'Mountacular' 250-mount collection achievement. See our Warlords of Draenor page for all the new mount colours and models of the upcoming expansion.
Source of the Core Hound mount revealed! This fiery puppy will be awarded to all players who complete a special 40-player version of Molten Core that will be part of the upcoming 10th Anniversary celebrations. This event will be for a limited time only. See this blog for more details.

Chopper news: While the Horde chopper isn't available yet, it's important that you log in to the game between now and 30 September to be eligible for it. The losing Alliance bike will also appear, but will cost a 'hefty sum of gold'.
Retirement alerts: Remember that you have until patch 6.0 hits (date currently unknown) to defeat Garrosh on Normal mode or above and receive your Kor'kron War Wolf. The same date applies for earning Challenge Conqueror: Silver to receive an Ancestral Phoenix (you just have to do this once, achievers will receive all four phoenix colours, and the phoenixes will become account-wide, once the achievement has retired).
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