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Latest News

  • Episode 1 of Azeroth Choppers is now out! Two teams vie to make the awesome real-life chopper based on Horde and Alliance themes. Most importantly, you'll get to vote for your favourite and the winner will be made into an in-game faction-specific mount! Watch here.
  • Sneak peak of new mount models in Warlords of Draenor! Both MMO-Champion and AdriaCraft have posted shots of potential mounts from the Alpha database. Of note are at least five ferocious talbuks, four stony elekks, four fancy new wolves, two hulking boars and five new tusked clefthoof mounts. We have no idea yet which of these will become available to players. Sadly the new file format means it could be a while before we get our own images, so please check out AdriaCraft and MMO-Champion!
  • Great news for collectors of Ancestral Phoenixes! Blizzard have just announced that earning Challenge Conqueror: Silver will soon allow you to buy a set of all four Ancestral Phoenix colours, instead of just one. Furthermore, the mounts are going to become account-wide! MoP dungeon challenge modes will end with the pre-Warlords of Draenor patch. You only have until that date (which is currently unknown) to earn these mounts.
  • Coincidentally, the folks at OpenRaid have just announced a month of Challenge Mode Mania to help players earn their Bronze, Silver or Gold achievements (you only need Silver for the phoenixes!)

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