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Back, for a short time!

Primal Flamesaber
Great news for everyone who ran out of time to get their Primal Flamesaber. The Heroes team have graciously returned the 'For Azeroth!' event until March 26. So find a friend and get playing Heroes quickly! See the official announcement for more info.

Coming soon in Patch 7.2...

Patch 7.2 is coming soon and brings a hoard of new mounts, including an exciting variety of new class mounts. See our Patch 7.2 Mount Summary for more info.

Armory update issues...

A small number of mounts (approx. 9) are still missing from the official Armory and so require manual updates to your collections. These include the Felsaber, Chauffeured Mechano-Hog and Acherus Deathcharger, as well as six old and retired mounts from Vanilla. Sadly there's nothing more we can do until Blizzard adds them. See the forum thread for more information.

New Mounts(Patch 7.1.5)

Upcoming Mounts(Patch 7.2)

Upcoming Mounts(later patches)

Mounts Retiring Soon