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The Runesaber Has Arrived
Mystic Runesaber
The long-awaited Mystic Runesaber has finally debuted in the Blizzard Store. The easiest way to purchase this mount is usually through the in-game store, but it's also available from the web store (US/EU), and can be gifted!

Patch 6.2 Mount Highlights
Updated 20 May - The Wild Goretusk is now available from a vendor in Tanaan; the Corrupted Dreadwing only costs Apexis Crystals, no gold.
A hoard of new mounts are coming! So far sixteen! new mounts have appeared in the database. Some have a 'fel' theme, to match the new storyline; others were created at launch but never activated until now. The Arena mounts for Warlords are also finally revealed - Felblood Gronnlings - and the fact that there are three suggests we may still have a while to go with the expansion.
Corrupted Dreadwing
A fel version of the Dread Raven Mount, the Corrupted Dreadwing is set to be sold for a very large amount of Apexis Crystals (150 000) from a vendor in Tanaan.

Infernal Direwolf

The shiny green Infernal Direwolf will be the reward for the new raid meta-achievement 'Glory of the Hellfire Raider'.

Felblood Gronnling

The Primal Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling will be the next arena (season 16) reward and is the first for this expansion. Two more felblood gronnlings are allocated for seasons 17 and 18 (see below).

Felsteel Annihilator

A new model of mecha-suit, the Felsteel Annihilator uses the same animations as the Sky Golem. It's set to drop from Archimonde in the new Hellfire Citadel raid, Mythic mode only.

Coalfist Gronnling

The Coalfist Gronnling will be a reward from a new rare garrison mission.

Mudback Riverbeast

The Mudback Riverbeast will be a reward from a rare naval mission, which is a new feature added in 6.2.

Witherhide Cliffstomper

Unused since the expansion launch, the Witherhide Cliffstomper will be sold by a new garrison trader for 20 000 gold.

Rocktusk Battleboar

The Rocktusk Battleboar has also lain dormant since the expansion launch but will become available from the same new garrison trader for 10 000 gold.

Wild Goretusk

The Wild Goretusk is a rather wicked black pig. It's another unused mount from launch that will finally become available, this one from a vendor in Tanaan Jungle. You can purchase it with 1000 Saberon Claws, obtained by killing Saberon in Fang'rila.

Warsong Direfang

Tundra Icehoof

Armored Razorback
Three more mounts, the Warsong Direfang, Tundra Icehoof and Armored Razorback drop from four rare elites in Tanaan Jungle. It appears that all four NPCs have a chance of dropping any of the three mounts. We're not yet sure of the drop rate.

Vicious War Kodo

Vicious War Mechanostrider
Finally, two more rated battleground ('Vicious') mounts are appearing in 6.2. This time they represent the Tauren - Vicious War Kodo, and the Gnomes - Vicious War Mechanostrider. Perhaps Draenei and Blood Elf mounts are next.

Coming later...

Wild Gladiator

Warmongering Gladiator
Two more arena reward mounts have been allocated for future seasons - the Wild Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling and the Warmongering Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling (longest mount name ever) are for seasons 17 and 18 respectively.

Ongoing Armory Bugs. Our mount import service is still unable to find certain new mounts. These are due to issues with the Armory at Blizzard and there's sadly nothing we can do to fix them sooner. As a temporary measure we've enabled manual addition of the Voidtalon of the Dark Star, Chauffeured Mechano-Hog and Felfire Hawk via your account page. The Acherus Deathcharger has also been missing for some years. Please let us know if you find any others that are still problematic. Thanks!

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