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Battle for Azeroth release date = mount deadline!

The date has been announced - World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be released on 14 August, 2018! As expected, this brings a hoard of new mounts, and some model updates to old mounts. We'll get those up as soon as we sort out some technical difficulties with displaying the new models.

The release also means that a couple of other mounts will be going away for good:

Violet Spellwing
The Violet Spellwing requires you to defeat Argus the Unmaker in Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne. Argus drops a quest item (100% drop on your first kill) that results in you being awarded the mount. Like the Grove Warden in Draenor, this mount will be no longer obtainable once Battle for Azeroth is released. Fortunately Heroic Antorus is possible to pug, as long as you put in the time to gear up and learn the fights. There are also some generous groups that are devoted to helping people get their spellwing - visit Friendship Birb or Perky Pugs for more info.

Patch 8.0 will likely mark the end of the current season of the Brawler's guild. This means that the Brawler's Burly Basilisk will almost certainly be removed from the vendor. There's a chance this might be during the 8.0 pre-patch, which could be from 4-6 weeks earlier than the expansion release, i.e. around the start of July, but this bit hasn't been confirmed. Fortunately, with current gear levels, the Brawler's Guild is no longer that difficult, but we recommend getting it done sooner rather than later!

Shackled Ur\Hellfire Infernal
The Shackled Ur'zul - currently a guaranteed drop from Argus in Mythic difficulty Antorus - and the Hellfire Infernal - a guaranteed drop from Gul'dan in Mythic difficulty The Nighthold - aren't going away but will almost certainly have their drop rates dramatically decreased in Battle for Azeroth. If mythic raiding isn't your thing you may have to wait until you outgear the raids and farm them slowly in a future expansion.

Other Legion instance mounts, from both loot and achievements, are unlikely to change, but they're likely to become more difficult to obtain once players are no longer running these instances.

Armory update issues - fixed!

Thankfully the official Armory was updated and (to our knowledge) all mounts should now appear in the updater! Please let us know if any still seem to be missing.

New Mounts(Patch 7.3.5)

Upcoming Mounts(later patches, or uncertain release date)

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