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Ghostly Rylak
Swift Spectral Rylak
A new rylak mount, the Swift Spectral Rylak has appeared in the test database for patch 6.2.1. Information about it is still scarce. We know that it currently uses the same mount model as the Soaring Skyterror, so it will probably look the same but with a spectral effect similar to the Spectral Gryphon. As for its source, the database currently only lists one word, 'Legacy'. It's possible this means the mount will be related to returning players (cf. the Spectral Gryphon and Spectral Wind Rider, which were rewards for using a Scroll of Resurrection on long-retired players), but this remains pure speculation with no concrete evidence at this point. We'll update when we find out more.

Armory update bug updates...
The Felfire Hawk and Voidtalon of the Dark Star are now showing up on the Armory, so you no longer have to manually add them to your collections. Unfortunately, however, the Brown Horse and Swift Warstrider seem to have vanished from the Armory around the same time and now require manual flagging (see their individual pages to add them to your collection). The Chauffeured Mechano-Hog and Acherus Deathcharger have not changed status and also remain missing.

Terror is coming to the skies of Draenor!
Flying is coming to Draenor in the next patch! It won't be easy to attain, but you can prepare now - by working on the requisite Draenor Pathfinder meta-achievement.

New in Patch 6.2
Patch 6.2 is here. It brings a number of important mount changes and additions, including improvements to boar running animations and nineteen new mounts :

Soaring Skyterror
The Soaring Skyterror is earned by a meta-achievement Draenor Pathfinder. The same achievement will reward Draenor flying in an upcoming patch.

Deathtusk Felboar
Saturated with fel energy, the Deathtusk Felboar is available at Exalted with the new factions Voljin's Headhunters and Hand of the Prophet, for Horde and Alliance respectively.

Wild GoretuskBristling Hellboar
Two boar mounts are available from another new faction, the Saberon Stalkers. The black Wild Goretusk is available at Honored, for a price of 1000 Blackfang Claws. The demonic, red Bristling Hellboar is available at Exalted for 5000 Blackfang Claws. The claws are obtained by killing Saberon in Fang'rila.

Corrupted Dreadwing
A fel version of the Dread Raven Mount, the Corrupted Dreadwing can be purchased for 150 000 Apexis Crystals from a Order of the Awakened reputation vendor in Tanaan. Requires Friendly reputation.

Infernal Direwolf

The shiny green Infernal Direwolf is the reward for the new raid meta-achievement 'Glory of the Hellfire Raider'.

Primal Gladiator

Wild Gladiator
The Primal Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling is the reward for PvP Arena season 16, which has just ended. The Wild Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling is for season 17.

Felsteel Annihilator

A new model of mecha-suit, the Felsteel Annihilator uses the same animations as the Sky Golem. It drops from Archimonde in the new Hellfire Citadel raid, Mythic mode only.

Coalfist Gronnling

The Coalfist Gronnling is a reward from a new rare garrison mission.

Mudback Riverbeast

The Mudback Riverbeast is a reward from a rare naval mission, which is a new feature added in 6.2.

Rocktusk Battleboar

Witherhide Cliffstomper
Two previously-unavailable colours of boar and clefthoof mount are available from a new trader in your garrison - The Rocktusk Battleboar costs 10 000 gold and the Witherhide Cliffstomper 20 000 gold.

Warsong Direfang

Tundra Icehoof

Armored Razorback
Three more mounts, the Warsong Direfang, Tundra Icehoof and Armored Razorback drop from four rare elites in Tanaan Jungle. It appears that all four NPCs have a chance of dropping any of the three mounts. See any of the mount pages for the names of the rares. We're not yet sure of the drop rate.

Vicious War Kodo

Vicious War Mechanostrider
Finally, two more rated battleground ('Vicious') mounts are now available. This time they represent the Tauren - Vicious War Kodo, and the Gnomes - Vicious War Mechanostrider. Perhaps Draenei and Blood Elf mounts are next.

Coming later...
Warmongering Gladiator

The Warmongering Gladiator's Felblood Gronnling (longest mount name ever) is for PvP Arena season 18.

New Mounts(Patch 6.2)

Upcoming Mounts(unconfirmed release date)