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Name Sorted Up Level Riding Skill Travel Mode Notes
More about Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder90Journeyman (150)Aquatic
More about Crimson Tidestallion Crimson Tidestallion20Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Darkwater Skate Darkwater Skate40Journeyman (150)Aquatic
More about Fabious Fabious1Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Fathom Dweller Fathom Dweller20Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Great Sea Ray Great Sea Ray40Journeyman (150)Aquatic
More about Inkscale Deepseeker Inkscale Deepseeker20Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Pond Nettle Pond Nettle20Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Riding Turtle Riding Turtle1None (0)Aquatic
More about Saltwater Seahorse Saltwater Seahorse20Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Sea Turtle Sea Turtle1None (0)Aquatic
More about Subdued Seahorse Subdued Seahorse78Expert (225)Aquatic
More about Surf Jelly Surf Jelly20Apprentice (75)Aquatic
More about Vashj Vashj'ir Seahorse80Expert (225)Aquatic