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Name Sorted Up Level Riding Skill Travel Mode Notes
More about Abyss Worm Abyss Worm10apprenticeFlying
More about Acherus Deathcharger Acherus Deathcharger10apprenticeGround

Death Knights Only

More about Acid Belcher Acid Belcher10apprenticeGround
More about Admiralty Stallion Admiralty Stallion10apprenticeGround

Alliance Only

More about Adorned Vombata Adorned Vombata10apprenticeGround


More about Aerial Unit R-21/X Aerial Unit R-21/X10apprenticeFlying
More about Alabaster Hyena Alabaster Hyena10apprenticeGround

Horde Only

More about Alabaster Stormtalon Alabaster Stormtalon10apprenticeFlying

Alliance Only

More about Alabaster Thunderwing Alabaster Thunderwing10apprenticeFlying

Horde Only

More about Albino Drake Albino Drake10apprenticeFlying
More about Amani Battle Bear Amani Battle Bear10apprenticeGround
More about Amani Dragonhawk Amani Dragonhawk10apprenticeFlying
More about Amber Ardenmoth Amber Ardenmoth10apprenticeFlying
More about Amber Primordial Direhorn Amber Primordial Direhorn10apprenticeGround
More about Amber Scorpion Amber Scorpion10apprenticeGround
More about Amber Shardhide Amber Shardhide10apprenticeGround
More about Amethyst Ruinstrider Amethyst Ruinstrider10apprenticeGround
More about Ankoan Waveray Ankoan Waveray10apprenticeFlying
More about Anointed Protostag Anointed Protostag10apprenticeGround


More about Antoran Charhound Antoran Charhound10apprenticeFlying
More about Antoran Gloomhound Antoran Gloomhound10apprenticeFlying
More about Arboreal Gulper Arboreal Gulper10apprenticeGround
More about Arcadian War Turtle Arcadian War Turtle10apprenticeGround
More about Arcanist Arcanist's Manasaber10apprenticeFlying
More about Archmage Archmage's Prismatic Disc10apprenticeFlying

Mages Only

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